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Hack: to unlock, to give access to your unlimited potential

“A little bit about Amber, she’s a consciousness hacker, biohacker, neurohacker - she’s the full gamut and honestly shared some really cool insights…there’s so much wisdom here about about how you can upgrade your state of being and Amber has really delved into a lot of the different tools, tactics, habits, hacks to supercharge your consciousness.” Jordan Candlish, Stateshifters Podcast 

Whilst Jordan's introduction as a 'full gamut' hacker is possibly the favourite way I've heard someone describe me and the craft of optimising my states of mental, physical, emotional wellbeing and consciousness on a quantum level - as a fellow meditator, biohacker and facilitator he understands the depths and commitment it takes to explore these aspects of ourselves and beyond into the realm of oneness.

My mission, as part of helping you to understand your Energetic Intelligence, is to demystify what hacking is and what it isn't.


Biohacking is implementing, monitoring, measuring and observing changes to your lifestyle that effect your biology in an effort to take responsibility for your health and wellness. It improves a personal baseline, which can then be optimised for greater results. Results are unique to individuals, based on biological and environmental factors. Biohacking incorporates science, leading edge research, new technologies and ancient practices that have proven results for healing and longevity.

Biohacking is not a boy's club or exclusive to alpha personalities, gym addicts or extremists obsessed with high tech implants. 

Anyone can be a biohacker, starting from a young age with simple but important practices such as sleep hygiene, reducing blue light, getting enough of the right sunlight and minimising exposure to EMFs as a very basic starting point.


Neurohacking is implementing, monitoring, measuring and observing changes to your lifestyle that effect your neurology or your brain activity. It's a form of biohacking that focusses specifically on improving or repairing way neurons fire in the brain and the two are interrelated. Mental health and wellbeing is the primary motivation for neurohacking, as well as optimised focus, resilience, adaptability and cognitive enhancement.

Neurohacking is not exclusively about augmented reality, only for intellectuals or require special equipment to get started.

Anyone can learn neurohacking, it can start with understanding awareness of your breath and how to can change your state through breath work and meditation for greater focus, resilience, adaptability, reduced anxiety and a sense of wellbeing. 


Consciousness Hacking is a more abstract or seemingly intangible practice to many people. However, once you understand your energetic intelligence and the scientific fact that everything consists of energy, exploring consciousness becomes much clearer - as you understand that your thoughts directly affect your reality. Consciousness hacking enables incredible results for physical endurance, mental resilience and creative expansion, spiritual fulfilment, personal responsibility and a greater sense of connectedness, awe and wonder.

Consciousness hacking is not 'woo woo', exclusive to taking plant medicine or something that has no relevance to your professional goals - in fact, you'll find it's the secret sauce for the most successful entrepreneurs.

We can explore the intersections of hacking in unlimited ways to unlock our awareness and unlimited potential of our biology, neurology, consciousness, sexuality, relationships, love in all its forms, lifestyle, etc and you'll discover these things are interrelated - however the key to embracing hacking is understanding the intention should be to access, understand and approach mastery over the area of focus. And whilst hacks can fast-track to optimised states and enable quantum leaps through transformation, hacking isn't about taking shortcuts. Practice, integration and commitment are required for powerful, lasting change and the compounding benefits of practiced wisdom.


Not sure where to start? Connect with me and let's discuss how to fully access and explore your Energetic Intelligence!

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