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Tania Lacy - Case Study and Video. November 2018.

Amber Ward, Life UnLtd Optimized Self program.

Tania Lacy is one of Australia's most talented funny girls. Before working in television, Tania trained at the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts School of Dance. A traumatic accident prevented her from continuing the rigorous training required for classical ballet so she turned her talents to commercial dance. Soon she was choreographing and dancing with Kylie Minogue, and yes, that is her in the Locomotion clip. Molly Meldrum spotted her dancing on 'Countdown' and had her open the show. The producer invited her to audition for 'The Factory', which made her a household name. Then came 'Countdown Revolution', self-penned one woman shows, short films and she has two novels on the shelves. 


Woven throughout these successes, were a string of challenging times. In 2014, in an SBS special, Tania came out as suffering Borderline Personality Disorder. This had riddled her with extreme anxiety, depression, relationship breakdowns and addictions. 


Fast forward four years from that very honest admission and Tania's survivor spirit shines through. In more recent years, Tania's focus has been writing for television, working exclusively with American production houses and more recently Gwen Stefani. She is also a published author and is beginning to shape her dream creative projects.


Tania was introduced to me a few months ago. She had hit a serious roadblock and was seeking support to transform her mental health, wellbeing and energy levels to enable her to focus on her vision. 


It's been a pleasure mentoring Tania through the Optimized Self program. She's been committed to doing the work to making permanent, lasting change. 


Tania agreed to share her story in the hope of inspiring others. In the realm of rewiring neural pathways, changing mindset and creating a new reality, Tania has come to believe everything is possible, which has been evidenced by the manifestation of some incredible opportunities.

Tania currently resides in Berlin and has returned to performing after a 15 year break. She is now a regular on the Berlin stand-up circuit and will soon return to Australia to write the pilot for a new comedy-drama series. 


I continue to co-create with Tania on this beautiful mission and to help her actualise her vision.

During the past few months, Tania has experienced notable lasting improvement in:

mental clarity and focus


emotional regulation

mindset shift and reframing

reduced anxiety

greatly diminished depressive/melancholic episodes

reduced physical pain

an increased sense of "feeling happy" and "feeling good"

Tania Lacy Case Study Optimized Self Program with Amber Ward

Tania Lacy Case Study Optimized Self Program with Amber Ward

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