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An international wellness expert, my passion is matching people's energy with their mission. As a High Performance Mentor and Credentialed Practitioner in Coaching, I guide entrepreneurs and high achievers to fully optimise themselves using proven tools from neuroscience, principles of quantum physics, ancient wisdoms and new technologies.

For over 20 years, my career spanned operations management including project management and executive account management in industries including communications tech, design, architecture, construction and engineering. Along with supporting directors in the day-to-day running of businesses, I also led organisational change initiatives through operations, people & culture and communications. Within those roles, I also provided tools to high-performing, cross-functional teams, helping them manage relationships with others as well as personal stress and anxiety for improved mental health and wellbeing.

As an entrepreneur, I’m intimate with the challenges of business innovation which require adaptability, agility and managing wellbeing for performance.

Having practiced meditation since my teens, ultimately it was my own experiences with PTSD and post-viral adrenal fatigue that led to extensive research and practice in the areas of biohacking, neurohacking and expanding consciousness - using these tools to rebuild immunity and energy, and rewire my nervous system and neural pathways. Sharing these tools with the world through the Life UnLtd framework of Energetic Intelligence, I mentor high performers to create the foundation that supports them to execute their vision in the best possible ways through my Optimised Self program.

This experience, combined with formative qualifications and professional practise in Sustainable Design also drive my interest in co-creating immersive experiences combining wellness + technology for more connected communities.

Amber Ward Life UnLtd
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