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Life UnLtd

using the art & science of Energetic Intelligence

Imagine the power of feeling and looking more energised, focussed and calm. Walking into a room and connecting positively with others, embracing each day with joy and new potential as you bring your vision to life...others will feel it too.

Amber Ward developed the Life UnLtd framework of Energetic Intelligence based upon neuroscience, ancient wisdoms and the principles of Quantum Physics. 


Your energetic makeup is unique. By developing your Energetic Intelligence, you’re able to have greater influence over how you experience the world and focus on what you want to create.


The following four diamond points that influence your Energetic Intelligence are interrelated:


Mind your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, imagination and emotional intelligence - all of which impact your body, including your brain.

Body your physiology as a living system that in turn influences your mind and emotional states.

Spirit your life force, the essence of your being, the influencer of your creative energy beyond the mind and body.


Conscious Creation transcendence of the personal mind, body and time into the quantum field - the unpredictable, unlimited potential that leads to co-creation.


When the mind, body and spirit are in harmony you can achieve your optimized self in the physical realm. However, exploring conscious creation takes your reality to a new field of experience beyond anything you've known before.

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